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upper row, l-r: golden white quartzite and Philadelphia free- er, travertine.


bottom row, l-r: earth, Montauk blue, and lilac something...


I was packing up this morning and found the slate and travertine samples I got in September. why I got five heavy stone samples when I was in a hotel and going to have to haul them home a month later... ah well. but they are pretty. all my condo plans are currently based on 6F at Parklane Towers, but if it sells before next spring/summer, or if I find out they won't allow a bird (ack), I can adapt it all to another place... it would just be a lot easier to do there since it is so much cheaper and I can pay it off in 7 years if I prepay $100 a month. I am thinking of retirement. even if I don't buy land and have a farm for backup, future home, weekend vacation place, or whatever, I would still have a no-fuss place with all bills paid (almost everything is included in the HOA), paid for except the $411 HOA, 24 hr security, etc, when I am 90 and on whatever replaces social security...


anyway, the slate. I am leaning heavily towards the golden white quartzite, which in the sample looks neither golden nor white. there is a lot of variation in the stone. I always before wanted a grey-blue slate, like the Montauk, but I'm afraid in a small area it wouldn't work. it's dark. the lilac is amazingly gorgeous and sparkles and shines when you turn it, but my color palette is white and dark blue (cobalt, indigo, navy... I swear my "navy" couch and my "cobalt" glass pieces are the exact same color), with pink accents. the golden white quartzite looks better on the build direct site. the travertine was my first choice, but it's not quite as sturdy as the slate, and also more expensive, and slate was my first choice years ago... I do love how light it is, though. I want the same flooring throughout the entire place, though, so no tiny spaces of a different stone.


sigh. I am buying about NOTHING on this assignment... really want this apt. I do have pages for other apts and condos in the notebook on my computer, but only one cones close to the practicality of this one - one in Ft. Worth, but it is even smaller - less than 700 sq ft. this one is 942. and the one there doesn't have a storage unit or paid utilities or 24 hr security (well, it is gated) or a 6th floor view...


speaking of my color palette, mom and I went to Holiday Tables last weekend, and one of the tables was decorated EXACTLY in my colors -

isn't it gorgeous???? well, I think so. ;-)


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